Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and Life Coach: Dr Andrew Dobson

Dr Andrew DobsonDr. Andrew Dobson, has been helping people change their lives as a practicing clinical therapist for over 25 years. He brings a wealth of real world experience to the Hypnotherapy sessions produced for Mindfit Hypnosis.

Like many Hypnotherapist’s Andrew was initially trained and practiced with an esoteric understanding and application of Hypnosis. In an effort to become a better therapist, he undertook both pre & post grad studies in psychology at several Universities. Andrew quickly discovered that his initial understanding of behavior changed was unrealistic and superficial. Now he prides himself on bringing science and results to the products he sells

Andrew understands that Hypnotherapy is just one tool in the tool box of therapeutic applications and while a powerful tool – not a complete one. Andrew will only create Hypnosis sessions that have empirical evidence of its effectiveness


Andrew Dobson’s Qualifications

Dip Clin Hypnotherapy
(Osmosis Center of Hypnotherapy, NZ)
Cert in Medical Hypnosis
(National Association for Transpersonal Psychology)
BSc. (Psych)
(Otago University, NZ)
Dip Sci (Psych)
(Massey University, NZ)
Dip Fitness Center Training
(Auckland University of Technology)

Member of

New Zealand Guild of Hypnotherapist
National Association of Transpersonal Psychology (USA)

Andrew Dobson’s History and Bio

Andrew grew up in the city of Napier, New Zealand, and like many New Zealanders, after completing high school decided to travel before committing to further and higher education. In his early years Andrew thought that a legal career might be an interesting one to pursue. Before such a long commitment at Law School, he obtained a position with the New Zealand Courts with the hopes of gaining an insight into law. Andrew worked within the Department of Courts at the High Court for several years, during which his attention turned from a legal career towards an Entrepreneurial career flavor.

At the age of 20, Andrew tender and won the cleaning contract for the Justice Department buildings, formed a company, employed several friends as they attended University and a full-time night crew. As a young man, and with seemly little effort Andrew was quickly generating an income in access of what he could have hoped for with a career within the Justice Department or a Law firm. With encouragement of friends claiming he would be a Millionaire by the time he was 25, Andrew would work a couple of hours at night, and spend his days as a full time student gaining qualifications in various disciplines.

With a growing dis-interest in the material aspects of life, and an increasing interest in new age spirituality, Andrew divided and gave away his business among the employees, boarded a plane and set off on what he hoped would be a self discovery adventure through Australia, Singapore, England and Europe. During the next few years (the hippy period) Andrew developed an interest and skill set in alternative healing. During his last few months of the overseas experience in Glastonbury, England he was introduced to Hypnosis.

Merv Hoslter Andrew Dobson Ormond Mcgill
Andrew is presented with his Hypnotherapy Qualifications in 1992 by Ormond McGill

Returning to New Zealand Andrew enrolled in a Hypnosis Training School where he witnessed, a stroke patient gain control of the paralysis on the left side of her body within an hour. These result far exceeded the previous 6 months of unsuccessful treatment with the client with physiotherapy.The impact of the subconscious mind over our conscious desires was clear to him – and so began a serious study into the subject.

Andrew was finding that as a lay hypnotist, the results with clients were outstanding, People got results! Confusing him however, the ‘raised eyebrows’ among Psychologists when discussing the subject. On more than one occasion we was told (described here more politely) he possessed a ‘limited understanding of current and common knowledge of how the brain worked‘ to say the least. So began a 6 year study and qualifications in Psychology at University.

Within the first month of study at University, Andrew became aware of exactly what the professional Psychologists meant. Andrew was appalled to discover that not only where many of the explanations for how Hypnosis works (as taught in the Hypnotherapy Schools) wrong – Psychology had been providing the much better answers for decades. Andrew moved away from his previous spiritual explanations and understandings, into the well researched and data supported views of how the brain works. For an article about some of the myths of hypnosis when taught as a new age therapy read Myths about Hypnosis;

After qualifying with Psychology degrees, for several years Andrew threw himself into a private therapy practice and further education in sports psychology and physiology. Andrew initially worked in New Zealand, conducting private therapy, seminars for both Government and Private Business, before heading to the United States to further his training and Education

Dr Dobson, spent from 2002 until 2012 in the United States advancing his skills and experience. Working in both Lawrence, Kansas (while attending Kansas University) and Las Vegas, Nevada; where he tended to specialize in Sports Psychology working with many UFC fighters at the time.

From 2012 until present, Dr Andrew Dobson has been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he has switched lifestyle paths and become involved with the promotion of a Thailand Tradition at Sak Yant Chiang Mai.  This new lifestyle is much more calmed and relaxed (as he is now in his 50’s) and involves working closely with Buddhist Monks and Thai Shaman.

Dr Andrew Dobson Hypnotherapist
Dr Andrew Dobson Hypnotherapist, now retired and living in Thailand, spending a great deal of time with Buddhist Monks