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The Control Emotions Hypnosis Online. Learn how to connect with your Unconscious mind – the part of you that creates, stores and brings emotional feelings into your life automatically. Once communication is established you can identify the Subconscious symbols of any Negative Emotion or Feeling and reduce it’s power and impact.

Reduce, Regulate and Control the emotional intensity of negative emotions. Cope then deal with the unempowering feelings and then move on with your life.  Subconscious guided imagery relaxation to lower the level of emotional intensity of any specific emotions you are having. Follow the instructions in this session and be amazed as emotional reactions to events or people that have created pain and suffering in your life – just disappear


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Do you suffer from Caring too much?
Do you worry yourself sick?
Do your emotions get away with you?
Does everyone say you are just too emotional?
Best hypnosis for Emotional Regulation and Reduction!

I am convinced that the biggest factor in the problems of both individuals and cultures in general all around the world is the emotionally based thinking we as humans tend to display. Not being able to Control Emotions is such an issue with so many people in today’s world You only need to watch the news, on any given day to see the effects of emotional based thinking. We humans can riot and protest over just about anything either important or not important it all depends on how emotionally charged the topic is.

Control Emotions Treatment

Control Emotion Reduction Hypnotherapy Overview

Reduce the intensity of ANY Emotion you have with this powerful therapy. Based on an NLP therapy approach this wonderful session will Reduce the experience of emotional intensity of any emotion you have.

This quick and easy therapy approach is designed to allow you to become aware of how your subconscious mind knows how much intensity to experience an emotion with. Along with conscious awareness you can then change the automatic response to reduce the levels of intensity you experience with any emotion.

Mindfit Hypnotherapy believes that this therapy is such a cornerstone of any behavior change that it is on offer for ONLY $4.95. The perfect complement to any hypnosis session from any therapist or used by itself, you will experience control over how you feel.

Learn a simple and powerful method, that you can use over and over again that takes the secrets of how your subconscious mind knows what triggers to use to release an emotional response and change them for each specific and not empowering emotion you wish too. Reducing the intensity of the feelings to something that is not able to overpower your common sense thinking

Emotions are an evolutionary adaptation that helped us survive and thrive in the past. We needed a system of awareness that was strong enough to stop us behaving in a certain way. We had fear to prevent us from plowing into a dangerous situation, Anxiety to alert us to take precautions in life threatening situations. We developed love and jealousy to build family units and protect them from harm. And many more examples.

However nowadays we do not need to have such strong systems of alerting us, yet while our culture, technology and knowledge has progressed, our bodies are still the same as our distant ancestors. The reality is that some people experience too much intensity of emotions. Now you can control this, now you can move on with your life using reason and logic and not emotions as the basis of your thinking.

Reduce emotions treatment

On a personal level, when we allow our emotions to flow freely, our ability to think straight is gone. It is almost impossible to stop during a passionate argument and even hear the other person’s point – let alone analyze if they have a better point of view than ourselves. Some people, have this experience all the time, just a look or word from another person can open the floodgates of an emotional outburst that we know we are having, hate that we are having it but can not stop and think over the feeling.

The reality is almost all negative or painful situations involved emotions at too much intensity. You can control your emotional response, reducing the impact of negative and unempowering emotions by changing the way your subconscious mind represents them. Be it Anger, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, Pain, Fear, Phobia or any emotion you are able to feel you are able to change the intensity of the feeling allowing you to cope and deal with the experience rather than automatically respond.

With powerful Guided Imagery and clinical treatment therapy for change.  Not being able to Control Emotions now can be a trait you can control and move on with your life.

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