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Stop the Emotional connections with a recently ended relationship with the Get Over the Ex Hypnosis MP3 Download

Get Over the Ex Partner Hypnosis MP3 download. Hypnotherapy to manage your new life as a single person without thoughts of the ex lover. Subconscious guided imagery to get over the ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife in your life.

Learn how to restructure the mental associations with your subconscious representation of the person and watch how easily you are able to forget to remember and get on with your life

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Get Over the Ex Hypnosis MP3 Download

Do you find that you are preoccupied by thoughts of your ex? You are not alone, this is one of the more popular sessions at Mindfit Hypnosis. This session works! and boy does it work! You see, it is not really the person you miss or desire back, The person is just the latest sub conscious symbol of the feelings you miss. The feelings of loving and being loved, the feeling of acceptance and sharing, all those wonderful feelings you have when you are in a relationship. This session is designed to reduce the intensity of the feelings you have towards the person (or ex partner or lover). Move on with your Life with the Get Over the Ex Hypnosis MP3 Download.

Relationship Over – but still thinking of them?
Obsessive thoughts about a recent Breakup?
Do you need to move on now you are Single?
Get the Best Hypnosis for Relationship Breakups!

How do you get over a Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

For some people this can be a difficult thing to do, the ex has left you feeling confused, vulnerable and uncertain of yourself. In many ways it is really these feelings we want back, but we have associated them with the ex lover and acting on raw emotion we can only assume it is because of them we feel this way. Now you can identify and separate the truth from the subconscious representation (the Ex) and get back in touch with and once again like who you are for who you are. Do it with the Get Over the Ex Hypnosis MP3

Are you constantly obsessing over your past boyfriend or girlfriend?

This Session to get over your past relationships will drastically reduce the emotional feelings you have whenever you think about the Ex. Using powerful NLP methods, we make the person (while not forgotten) equal in importance to your life now as buying a pair of jeans 5 years ago. Imagine how easy it will be for you to get over such a weak emotional relationship! Don’t Imagine get it down with the Get Over the Ex Hypnosis MP3

Does it matter if the breakup is with a husband or wife and a long lasting marriage?

This hypnotherapy works by reducing the emotional intensity we have attached to a specific person. The length of time of the relationship does not matter, some people fall head over heels in days, others take months – but it is the level of emotions that are felt that make the breakup difficult to cope with. Now you can get over your Ex and move on without any remorse, doubts or hesitations almost instantly using the Get Over the Ex Hypnosis MP3

get over your lover

Get Over the Ex Hypnotherapy Overview

It happens to us, we lose a partner and whether it was our choice to end a relationship or not, it can still hurt. But yes you can have your Ex mean as much to you as a pair of jeans you threw out years ago. Stop the Pain, and carry on with your life by changing the emotional triggers of a past love, boyfriend, girlfriend husband lover wife … You can heal and move on with resentment or grief.

When a relationship ends, getting over a relationship is often difficult; this Hypnosis session will decrease the intensity of the emotions you feel for that someone who is no longer in your life as a partner. The ‘Getting Over the Ex’ Hypnotherapy session can also be effectively used to remove emotional baggage for anyone in your past.

Hypnosis is used and combined with powerful NLP methods in this hypnotherapy session to reduce the emotional intensity of the feelings that may still linger. When you have invested time and energy and love into a relationship that suddenly ends, it is often difficult to simply end your emotional investment. Often invasive thoughts of the person flood your mind, and feelings of regret or anger or jealousy. This session removes the subconscious representation of the person which in turn reduces and removes the negative emotions you might be feeling

The “Get Over the Ex’ session is also great for removing ANY person from your past or present having any emotional impact in your life, be it a family member, an old friend or past lover.



Learn how to understand and communicate with a partner here. Don’t go through this pain of a breakup again

Get Over the Ex Hypnosis

The Getting Over the Ex hypnosis mp3. This hypnotherapy session changes the way your subconscious mind represents a person … reducing the intensity and importance of the person in your life.

You will experience these feelings again, you will love again and be loved again and as much as it might not seem like it now – you will be happy again – happy in a relationship and you can achieve this with the Get Over the Ex Hypnosis session. Hypnotherapy to create a situation of moving on from a past boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or lover, available as an instant download MP3 file you can use to make your own Hypnosis tape or CD. Powerful Guided Imagery combining complimentary and clinical treatment therapy for acceptance of the change. Listen to the therapy on an MP3 Player, iPod, or your computer and allow your unconscious mind to create change for you easily and naturally.

The reality is … No one person has a magical ability to ‘make you love them’, the feelings of love and attachment are totality WITHIN YOU. We as humans tend to forget this and attach those feelings to a person in order to feel them. If that person does not act in a way to support this attachment we can be left with feelings of anger and guilt and disappointment, betrayal and a host of negative feelings. This Powerful Hypnosis session changes the way your mind has attached those feelings to a particular person and releases them which allows you to move on with your life without that person having an impact on you

This instant download MP3 file for Get Over the Ex allows for you to play an active part in forgetting to remember the influence of your past partner. Or if you wish use the subliminal message audio for a more passive approach. Buy both Hypnosis and Subliminal MP3 sessions for maximum results

Stop Thinking about your EX: Make Me Forget Them Now!

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  1. George

    After months of thinking about my ex when we broke up, it took just a few times listening to this AMAZING HYPNOSIS to change my thoughts and forget her. The Hypnotist has a great voice and I highly recommend this to anyone going through problems over thinking and obsessing with an Ex

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