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Attract Your Desires With Focused Attention using the Law of Attraction Hypnosis Online MP3 Download by Mindfit. Automatically reprogram your unconscious to naturally think and believe in a way to attract your goals into reality.

Law of Attraction Hypnosis Online MP3 download. Hypnotherapy to control and manage the focus of your thoughts allowing the Law of Attraction to work for you. Subconscious guided imagery that promotes a focused awareness to your unconscious mind to bring about a new reality.

You can apply the Laws of Attraction Online to your unconscious mind to begin to generate a focused attention to notice and act upon your desires. Manifest your intentional reality!

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Law of Attraction Hypnosis Online MP3 Download

Let me state right from the start, I personally do not believe that by thinking positive thoughts the Universe will grant your every wish as promoted by the movie “The Secret”. However, I do believe that by being aware of positive intention and focusing your thoughts on what you want, your subconscious mind will generate a blueprint that makes taking action and accomplishing your desires a realistic approach for realistic goals. Whether you put your faith in the Universe or your Own Unconscious you can make this type of thinking automatic with the Law of Attraction Hypnosis MP3 Download by Mindfit.

Combines the Secret and Celestine Prophecy Concepts
Make the Law of Attraction work for you
Positive Thinking AND Taking Action
Get the Best Hypnosis for Law of Attraction!

Law of Attraction Hypnosis MP3

Law of Attraction Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy Overview

Law of Attraction Hypnosis Online

While ‘The Secret’ session is the first hypnosis product offered by Mindfit Hypnosis that is not based in Science, the principles and laws expressed that relate to the nature of the Universe or God, also apply to the Sub Conscious Mind. Therefore whether you as a listener attribute the results coming from your concept of God, or a spiritual concept of the laws of the Universe, or from your own subconscious mind the end product is still change.

You see whether you believe that the universe will provide, or you are a non believer in the supernatural, the bottom line is that your subconscious mind wants to give you what you want. And it knows what you want by what you focus on. The Movie ‘The Secret’ got this mechanism right even if they called it god or the Universe. We all to often focus and think about what we don’t want – and the Law of attraction does work when you are thinking about realistic goals and objectives from an unconscious mind programming prospective.

This Law of Attraction Hypnosis session, Online Hypnotherapy to create a mindset focused on being positive and attracting what you want in life, available as an instant download MP3 file. Use the philosophy of this Law, along with specific commands to your mind to take action on those thoughts and desires.

Law of Attraction Hypnosis MP3 DownloadThis Law of Attraction Hypnosis session, Hypnotherapy to create a mindset focused on being positive and attracting what you want in life, powerful Guided Imagery combining complimentary and clinical treatment therapy for focusing your sub conscious mind and directing it to take you towards your desires.

Here is how it works! Your sub conscious mind does it best to make life easier for you by creating automatic beliefs and behaviors in answer to the questions you ask of it. Trouble is, no one pays attention to the thoughts they have and most of the time you focus on what you do not want in your life. By using the principles of the Law of Attraction you create a time and place in a hypnotic state that focuses on your real desires and wants. Thus while in the hypnotic state you direct your sub conscious mind towards powerful images and desires based on conscious desires and not the usual automatic thoughts.

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  1. Joel Drelick

    I still loved the ideas of the Secret Movie. This Hypnosis for Law of Attraction made much more sense to me and I think working at the subconscious level is just a smarter way to go

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