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Reprogram your Subconscious Mind to listen, process, pickup and learn new languages that you are studying as easily as a child naturally does. Learn a Language Subliminal MP3 that instruct you at an unconscious level to learn a language faster and easier.

Play the Learn Languages subliminal Message MP3, in the background as you study or go about your daily activities and let the power of your mind do all the difficult work for you – making learning a new language a breeze.

Learn a Language Subliminal MP3 Free Sample

Please note this sample is to demonstrate the Affirmations are able to be heard (to show they are there). In the download product you will not hear the affirmations, as this is a Subliminal MP3 Product


Learn a Language Subliminal Message MP3 to Learn Foreign Languages Fast

Positive Affirmations in the Learn a Language Subliminal MP3

I quickly learning languages
My mind is focused on learning
I easily hear the difference in tones and sounds
I memorize new words easily
New languages are easy for me to learn
I practice my new language regularly
I find learning languages fun and interesting
I easily recall and understand new words
My brain stores words efficiently
I am focused on learning and improving

The Problem:

You want or need to learn a new Language Fast
You find out difficult to Hear and Remember new Words
You are not able to Communicate to someone you Love

You are in a new country (or intending to visit one) and are frustrated that you are unable to communicate with the people there. Sure you try learning the new language listening to podcasts, or taking lessons, but your old brain is just not able to get a grasp on learning the language. Maybe you repeat the new words over and over again only to forget how to pronounce the word or even what it is when you need it.

Perhaps you are a very successful person in other areas of your life, but you just feel stupid because you can not learn a new language quickly online. You see happy children, barely able to walk communicating easily and it makes you feel worse. Maybe you are married to someone from a different country and find it frustrating you can not express yourself as well as you want too.

The Solution:

Reprogram your Subconscious to easily and quickly Learn Languages
End the Frustration of trying too hard to learn a language
Automatically easily and quickly learn a Language

Learning a new language is a combination of concentrating and study to learn the new language words and sentence structure .. AND the automatic unconscious processing of that material to make it easy and natural for you. Now you can instruct your subconscious that learning a new language is something you do quickly and without effort.

You will still have to study the language. There is no such thing as learning a language while you Sleep. You do actually have to make some effort. But when you get frustrated and find it difficult you tell yourself that you can not learn quickly. Now using this subconscious subliminal communication session to Learn new Languages Faster, you will remove any past negative unconscious restrictions. You can learn quickly and easily – and you can make this start now by reprogramming your unconscious mind. Now you can with the Learn a Language Subliminal MP3 by Mindfit Hypnosis

Learn a Language Subliminal Message MP3 Overview

As you listen online to this subliminal message audio to Learn new Languages faster, you will begin to remove any unconscious blocks and frustrations you have developed in the past. Reprogramming and rewiring your brain to naturally and easily pick up and learn a new language.

Over time as you listen to this session as you study or work (playing it in the background as you continue your normal daily life) you will begin to notice that it becomes easier and easier to learn that new language. You will find that your mind is focused, able to notice and hear words you are familiar with and recall quickly what that word means.

You will develop a greater awareness of the tones used (if you are learning a tonal based language) you will begin to find it easier to hear and produce the various high low and fluctuating tones. If English is your first language, we already use the same types of tones and you already have the ability to hear and express them …. now you will be able to.

Your memory for new words will become faster, able to hear the words fewer times before they get processed into your longer term memory. And as this happens you will naturally begin to feel think and believe that you are able to learn a new language fast and easily. Language learning will become as easy and as natural to you as breathing.

You will find an increased level of enjoyment in the study of a new language, actually enjoying the practice sessions required to rather than feeling any sense of frustration or being annoyed at yourself. Your word and sentence structure recall will begin to work for you automatically, without effort, you will just ‘get it’.

Over time as your mind reprograms itself for success in learning languages, and your real world experience and attitude begin to change, the whole process of learning will become an interesting and entertaining hobby. If you are in a relationship with a person who does not speak your language, or living in a country where you need to be able to communicate to others – the whole process will be faster for you.

This Subliminal message therapy session works by giving your unconscious a new set of instructions for how to act, via positive affirmations at a subconscious level. The hypnotic use of positive affirmations played subliminally which are designed to generate new thoughts and behaviors towards the activity to learn to speak a new language faster. The positive affirmations are delivered underneath the peaceful and calming sound of ocean waves, so you can change your mind, attitude and the way you automatically act, without having to pay conscious awareness to what you are doing. Use the power of your mind to manifest a change at your core self while only hearing relaxing oceans sounds in the background.

Learn Languages: Help me a Speak a New Language Faster

Learn a Language Subliminal MP3 online is delivered as MP3 files which You can play MP3 files on your computer, burn to an audio Subliminal CD, or copy to your MP3 player to use as your unconscious treatment option. Once your payment has cleared the option to download will be on your receipt and will be emailed to you within a few minutes for your own reference.

To download the session which must be downloaded to a computer unless you have already acquired a download app for download on a mobile device. Should you have any problems please email us and we will remedy any issues right away. Please not that if you are using a mobile device, you have a MP3 download app that by passes the devices security features preventing downloading an MP3 from online, or download to a computer and sync the file.

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  1. M McAuslan

    Using this to help with a trip abroad. I have always seemed to have difficulty learning new things but so ar my Spanish is racing along

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