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Release Past Religious Programming and emotional support needs from your Faiths Social networks and Feel Comfortable & Confident in Your Reason, Find Peace and Security in Your Non-Belief with the Non Believer Hypnosis MP3 Download by Mindfit

Non Believer Hypnosis MP3 after Losing Faith in God and Religion to control and manage the doubts and perception of who you are when you lose faith. Subconscious guided imagery relaxation to actually appreciate and enjoy being a free thinker, while at the same time providing coping systems for the life changes once you stop believing in a god or religious concept.

Create the Unconscious acceptance and comfort that you may not get from your previous social and religious community when you decide this is no longer the beliefs you have within yourself.

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Non Believer Hypnosis MP3 Download Hypnotherapy for Confidence when Faith is Lost

When people lose their faith – it is more than just being angry at god for something. Most come to this decision by careful and thoughtful consideration and it can bring with it a range of additional issues. Religion provides community and a sense of identity, many times family members or social groups will not understand how you can reject the faith as it is such a primary part of who they are. Making the decision that you no longer believe in the supernatural has additional pressures and problems. You can feel emotionally comfortable with your loss in faith, religion and God with the Non Believer Hypnosis MP3 by Mindfit

Have you decided you know longer believe in the Supernatural?
Have you lost your faith and fee uncomfortable and alone?
Has losing faith in God brought with it an emotional challenge ?
Get the Best Hypnosis for dealing with losing Faith in Religion!

Does your new ideology come with some fears and self doubts ?

The reality is, many of the most intelligent people in the world also called themselves Agnostic or Atheist, but when your entire life has had a religious support system, this time of transition is naturally going to create a little doubt and fear. This session will help you grow past this stage, giving you confidence in your decision and if you like a little faith in your ability to deal with the world of reality and reason. Get the Non Believer Hypnosis MP3 by Mindfit Now

Do you miss the emotional comfort of certainty that religion used to provide?

Religion does offer people a range of nice warm fuzzy feelings, that when you no longer believe, and without a new system of emotional support can cause a little distress. Now you can gain back that conviction by telling your subconscious mind to have confidence in reason and logic and live your life accepting the scientific view point.

Are you going to lose friends and family because you’re a non-believer?

For many people, their family and friends all come from a dogmatic religious view point – that unlike the teachings of the one they worship – make harsh judgmental evaluations on those people who do not belong to their viewpoint – even family members. This is going to be a reality for many people and this session will help you cope and move through this part of the process. Now you can with the Non Believer Hypnosis MP3 Download

To help with this is the Losing Faith and Religion Hypnosis session. Hypnotherapy to help the transition into the rational thinking world, available as an instant download MP3 file you can use to make your own Hypnosis tape or CD. Powerful Guided Imagery combining clinical treatment therapy for accepting change and the new world view you have accepted with a sense of pride and knowing you are not alone. Listen to the therapy on an MP3 Player, iPod, or your computer and allow your unconscious mind to create change for you easily and naturally.

Losing Faith and Religion Hypnosis MP3 by Mindfit

Non Believer Hypnosis: Losing Faith and Religion Hypnotherapy Overview

The Courage to live your life with pride and have a sense of being comfortable with yourself as an agnostic or atheist. Deal with any issues of emotional loss after losing your religious beliefs which can at times cause doubt and insecurity. Learn that rational reasoning can and is a totally fulfilling way to feel about yourself and the world you live in. Gain the courage to stick to your intellectual convictions.

The decision to leave a religion and belief in a god can be at times an emotional challenge. With the constant societal, friends and family pressures of theism it can leave you feeling different, alone and at times emotionally empty.

But you are not alone, nor should you suffer the negative effects of feelings of a lifetime that are now in conflict with your new understanding. This powerful hypnosis session for losing god & religion will communicate to your unconscious mind (the place where your automatic feelings and emotions stem) and reaffirm for you the decision you have made based on logic and reasoning.

You can get through this period of uncertainty in yourself once you lose a major part of your self identity.

In this session you will ….

1) Feel great about being rational and logical
2) Regain emotional comfort that religion has in the past provided
3) Accept the changes and loss of some past friends
4) General Self Esteem suggestions to know your OK

Ending your relationship with a god or a religious belief does not need to end your passion and sense of purpose in your life. You can and should be happy and content with who you are and what the world means to you within a rational and scientific view-point. This hypnosis session is designed for those who have already come to an agnostic or atheist viewpoint. Helping you to deal with some of the emotional issues that can occur when making such a life changing decision.

With access to the internet, the availability to find facts, history, and scientific explanations for the material world, is leading more people to a rational alternative to superstition. However for many, despite using skeptical thinking, reason and logic to come to the conclusion that they no longer need or believe in a god or a religion; it is sometimes difficult to emotional come to terms with the agnostic/atheist decision.

There are often times difficulty maintaining a healthy self esteem when faced with family or friends or society ritualistic celebrations, beliefs; and sometimes exclusion from people who you thought were friends. This Hypnosis session is for those people who have already come to their own conclusion to reaffirm their rationalism and sense of being complete when they lose what can be at times so much of their self identity in the form of religion.

Non Believer Hypnosis Re-frames the feelings you have, explaining that while feelings are real and legitimate to the person having them, they do not always reflect reality. Giving you the courage (The ability to act on a right decision) to do what is best for you while minimizing the feelings and emotions that have in the past been such a major part of who you have defined yourself to be.

This instant download MP3 file Non Believer Hypnosis allows for you to play an active part in accepting your doubt in god and religion. Or if you wish use the subliminal message audio for a more passive approach. Buy both Hypnosis and Subliminal MP3 sessions for maximum results

Get Over Religion: Make Me Comfortably as an Non Believer

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  1. Matthew Smalley

    I really felt out of place losing friends and family when I stopped believing in god. This hypnosis was amazing and really helped me develop a new life and move ahead

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