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Release Past & Present Events that created emotional baggage and Move On in life with the Release the Past Hypnosis MP3 Download by Mindfit

Release the Past Hypnosis MP3 download, Emotional Blocks Hypnotherapy to control and manage the emotional reaction you might have to anything thing, event or situation from your past. Subconscious guided imagery relaxation to get over the past and move on with life.

Imagine how and what you can make happen in your life when you are no longer held back by your previous experiences, emotions and current reactions. Let go of the Past at an Unconscious level and discover what your life is meant to be. Listen to the free Hypnosis audio sample for Letting go of the Past below


Release the Past Hypnosis MP3 Download: Hypnotherapy to let go of Past Emotional Blocks

Here is the simple truth! We are now the combination of meanings we have given to our past experience and the proactive attempts we are making to create who we want to be. No matter how much your past has a hold over you now and in your estimation of what you can achieve in the future – it does not have to have any impact at all. You can remove your emotional blocks created in your personal history with the Release the Past Hypnosis MP3 Download by Mindfit

Do you feel like your past is holding you back?
Something preventing you from success now?
Just unable to get beyond something that happened once?
Do you blame your past for your failure?
Best Hypnosis for getting over your Past!

Do you have the feeling something is holding you back?

The reality is, who we are now is made up of our past experiences and memories many of which are buried in our automatic programs but totally forgotten to our conscious memories. This powerful with the Release the Past Hypnosis MP3 Download by Mindfit session will wipe your slate clean, allowing you to rebuild yourself from the present moment and into the future

Do you know exactly what event from your past you need to release yourself from?

Built into this hypnotic therapy is a guided imagery situation where you can add specific content and memories from your past into the suggestion given that will greatly reduce the emotional attachment (and therefore influence) of events from your past

How would it be if you never had the feeling of the past holding you back?

This hypnotherapy session to get over your past will provide you with a feeling of openness to new adventures, making it very difficult to try to find a memory from the past even if you wanted to. You will of course be able to remember (if you try hard) but if will be almost impossible to keep the event in yo mind, instead almost like you have an internal spring that ounces you back to look forward to your future. Start life refreshed from your personal history with the Release the Past Hypnosis MP3 Download.

Release the Past Hypnosis

Release the Past Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy Overview

Do you have events from your past that have created blocks to your future? You can Get over past events, or people who have created a Block – allowing you to move forward in your life, it will be as simple to you as breathing! Learn to let go now and move on with your life enjoying every moment without the past touching you.

Past events often cause a mental block or some how prevent your ability to deal with or move on from the meaning that you gave to the situation. The Release the Past hypnotherapy is a powerful way of dealing with blocks (see Scientific studies at the bottom of this page).

Whether associated with people, or situations. This session works by

1) Providing therapy for reducing the emotional impact of the past event – making it seem a vague distant and hazy memory
2) Changing the mental association surrounding and attached to the event (the block). Thus changing the meaning given to the experience

There are two reasons why Past events affect you now.

1) Because of the associations in your mind you have towards the event or person or place or situation.

2) The amount of emotional intensity you have associated with this event person, place or situation.

The Release the Past Hypnosis hypnotherapy session contains a powerful therapy session that removes the intensity of the emotions associated with a block. This prevents you from constantly thinking about or the Block having an impact on your life.

Let me explain, it is the meaning we give to a past experience and not the actual experience itself that contributes to who we become. The classic example is of those who survived the Nazi concentration camps during World War Two, in that those who could not give the experience a valuable meaning gave up and died, and those who did survived. But more realistically for us today I am sure you have heard stories of two people who had the same experience and went into completely different life stories based upon the meaning they gave the experience These examples are used in motivational talks all over the world, and now you too can get beyond your past.

The Release the Past Hypnosis session is for you. Hypnotherapy to release the past, blocks or issues and allow you to move forward in life by removing psychological blocks. You can get over your emotional blocks and create a refreshing new start in your Attitudes towards life

The Past is not the Present! It is a wonderful saying but unless you are able to communicate to your subconscious mind to let go of the past and change the meaning it has in your personal history – not much happens.

In fact the very act of consciously thinking about those events, times people or places that you wished you could change in your life actually reinforce all the associations and pain you are trying to remove. It is actually a pretty easy process to change the meaning of your personal history and forget to worry about almost anything. Millions of people do it everyday, even over the very issue that holds you a prisoner and holds you back. Now it is time for you to do the same. Let go of your past, and wake up tomorrow with a bright expectation of what you can achieve now you are free of the burden of your past.

The Release the Past Hypnosis MP3 Download by Mindfit allows for you to play an active part in getting over and moving on from your past. Or if you wish use the subliminal message audio for a more passive approach. Buy both Hypnosis and Subliminal MP3 sessions for maximum results

Release the Past Now: Make Me Get on With Life

Scientific Research for Hypnosis and Releasing Past Events

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  1. Doni

    i am like a dead person who is living. my life is nothing. this tape has been there for me for many many long years and has truly helped me to leave my dark past. at first i used it and it made me feel good for a little bit each time, and it relaxed me, as all of Dr. Dobson’s tapes seem to do. But after many years of my own sickness i started paying more attention to this tape and what it was saying and i followed it more and more and watched myself get healthier and get better. If you have had a hard life and want to move forward, this tape is for you. Just relax, don’t worry about following what he says too perfectly, just believe in him and let his voice and words heal you. (it’s all about the subconscious) i may sound like one of those ladi-das out there who say nonsense and how beautiful things are but regarding this i am being very serious. This really helped me and i watched it help me. Thanks Dr. Dobson.

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