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Release the Past Subliminal MP3 by Mindfit Hypnosis. Designed to help resolve past events and trauma by allowing your unconscious mind the freedom to let go. Self help therapy to let go of past influence and negative emotional blocks holding you back.

Powerful instructions to your Subconscious Mind to let go of the past, any blocks you have created and allow you to move forward in life.

Release the Past Subliminal MP3 Free Sample

Please note this sample is to demonstrate the Affirmations are able to be heard (to show they are there). In the download product you will not hear the affirmations, as this is a Subliminal MP3 Product


Release the Past Subliminal Message MP3 to let go of Past Blocks

Positive Affirmations in Release the Past Subliminal MP3

I accept my past for what it is
The past and any influence is no longer real
The past is the past, and belongs in the past
I am free from my past
I see the positive even in my past experiences
I focus on the future
I no longer need to hope the past will change
I have let go of all self resentments
My past experiences have made me who I am
My past has given me strength
I am positive about my future
I appreciate all the good things in my life now
Past memories have only positive emotions
Who I am today is what I think, not what was done
It is too much effort to get hot & bothered over the past
I live in the Now
I am in the present moment

The past is the past, and it belongs in the past. You can release past events, memories and the emotional scars of the past and the blocks they present to you today. Don’t let the past hold you back from a bright future which you create and control, when you have the power of your unconscious mind acting on your behalf.

All too often we relive our past over and over again in our minds, which has the destructive effect of recalling, modifying, re-experiencing and re-encoding the memory’s slightly changed (usually for the worse) deepening the emotional connection and the negative effect it has on your life today. This sort of mental gymnastics is completely normal but not the most empowering way of moving forward with our lives. And it is not the way you have to be, you can release your past, remove the blocks that prevent you from getting ahead and enjoying your life.

Release the Past Subliminal Message MP3 Overview

Release the Past Subliminal MP3

Powerful subliminal communication affirmations hidden within the calming peaceful sound of ocean waves tell your subconscious mind how to manifest your dreams and become a person fully able to live in the present moment.

You will begin to accept your past for what it is – a learning experience that you now grow from. You will forget to remember or feel any effects of the emotional ties to your past and the events in them. You will start to think in a way that reflects the ideal “The past is the Past” and you will now believe it.

You will have the sense of release from your past, and the events and situations that you really want to have no influence on you. You will see your failures of the past as learning opportunities and even begin to feel privileged for having had the experience.

You will begin to focus more on the present moment and your future opportunities. Guided by the wisdom that you have gained in your life history. You will forgive – which at it’s core means to let go of the feeling of needing to change the past. You will be able to release this need and accept things for what they were.

In fact you will be grateful for your previous experiences and accept that they helped forge you into the person you are today. But now you feel empowered and free to chose your new destiny. The emotional intensity of past memories and the blocks that they have created will over time decrease. You will feel yourself lifted from the burden that you once had and accept responsibility for creating your new future. You can do this with the Release the Past Subliminal MP3 by Mindfit Hypnosis.

Finally you will live more in the present moment, consciously creating a new direction for how you want your life to turn out. Because you have release the past and any negative influence it once held over you.

Release the Past Subliminal MP3 are delivered as MP3 files. You can play MP3 files on your computer, burn to an audio Subliminal CD, or copy to your MP3 player. The download link will be sent to you within a few minutes of your payment and placed into your Account if you make one. Should you have any problems please email us and we will remedy any issues right away. Please not that if you are using a mobile device, you have a MP3 download app that by passes the devices security features preventing downloading an MP3 from online, or download to a computer and sync the file..

This Subliminal message therapy session contains hypnotic use of positive affirmations to get over the past, played subliminally which are designed to generate within your unconscious mind new thoughts and ways you automatically respond to memories from the past, freeing you from the impact they once had on you. The positive affirmations are delivered underneath the peaceful and calming sound of ocean waves. Use the power of your mind to release your past while only hearing relaxing oceans sounds in the background.

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  1. Lee

    I Think it worked, I dont think about the past anymore

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