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Stop sucking your thumb, with this powerful subliminal message audio that gives your subconscious mind powerful affirmations to remove the unconscious behavior of thumb sucking. Powerful affirmations are given that will change your behavior, preventing you from automatically sucking your Thumbs.

Feel like an adult again, or remove the behavior from your children with this amazing subliminal message audio

Stop Sucking your Thumbs Subliminal MP3 Free Sample

Please note this sample is to demonstrate the Affirmations are able to be heard (to show they are there). In the download product you will not hear the affirmations, as this is a Subliminal MP3 Product


Stop Thumb Sucking Subliminal Message

Positive Affirmations in Stop Thumb Sucking

I have no interest in sucking my thumb
I am always conscious aware of what is in my mouth
I forget to remember to suck my thumb
My thumb feels strange when inside my mouth
My thumb has an unpleasant taste
I do not suck my thumb
I do not enjoy or like thumb sucking
I am ok, safe and comfortable
I am in control of what I choose to do
It feels weird to suck my thumb

The Problem:

You unconsciously or consciously Suck your Thumb
You want your Children’s Thumb Sucking to Stop
You feel disgusted & embarrassed sucking your Thumb

Sucking your thumbs in adult life is an embarrassing and humiliating experience. You say to the world that you are still a child, gaining comfort from such an infant styled way of dealing with your anxiety. It is something that is not socially acceptable as an adult and you know you need to get control of your situation and in this regards, grow up. But you are on auto pilot, the thumbs find there way to your mouth – this is not something you consciously choose to do.

Perhaps you are the parent of a child who seems to have not grown out of the thumb sucking phase yet. You are worried and do not want to make a big issue out of the situation, but want to help your child get over this comfort seeking habit.

The Solution:

Reprogram yourself to automatically Stop sucking your Thumb
Remove past thought patterns that created comfort in the behavior

Unconsciously forget to remember to suck your Thumb

Thumb sucking is an automatic behavior that started and continued because it created a feeling of comfort. But as we grow up, we find better ways of dealing with our stress and anxiety that do not require such infantile systems. But still in your unconscious is the behavior and the associations from the past. You need to reprogram these associations to eliminate the behavior because this is not a conscious choice.

Directing your unconscious mind to forget to remember that you suck your thumb will help control the behavior and allow you to move ahead without having to give sucking your thumb a second thought.

Stop Thumb Sucking Subliminal Message MP3 Overview

As you play this subliminal message session in the background, all you will consciously hear is the sound of the ocean. Underneath this sound are positive affirmations that communicate to your subconscious mind new instructions of how you want to act. This approach means you do not have to think about or (in the case of children) even have to explain.

The more you listen to this session you will notice that you have little interest in sucking your thumb – even if you used to actually enjoy doing it. You will gain a greater awareness of when your hands and thumbs get close to our mouth so that you can consciously control the movement and prevent it from happening.

You will begin to just forget to remember to even automatically suck your thumb and when you do it no longer feels the same way. Your thumb will feel un-natural in your mouth and not provide you with any feelings of being comforted. Maybe it even begins to taste different as you notice the odd sensation and tastes of the day on your thumb.

You will begin to suck your thumb less and less and at the same time be conscious of the activity which will feel odd and strange to you. You will no longer get any benefit from it and find the sensation less enjoyable. You will gain a greater control of what you choose to do, and feel much more in control as you forget to remember to suck your thumb and when you do, notice how uncomfortable it seems to have gotten.

Subliminal Download for Stop Thumb Sucking is delivered as MP3 files. You can play MP3 files on your computer, burn to an audio Subliminal CD, or copy to your MP3 player. The download link will be sent to you within a few minutes of your payment and placed into your Account if you make one. Should you have any problems please email us and we will remedy any issues right away. Please note that if you are using a mobile device, you have a MP3 download app that by passes the devices security features preventing downloading an MP3 from online, or download to a computer and sync the file..

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Stop Sucking your Thumbs: Make my feel like an Adult

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  1. Gee

    I got this for my son, he stopped sucking his thumb just by playing this subliminal sounds in his room for a month

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